Indiana had unheralded success as the Hoosiers lost just two games in 2020.

It appears that there are a number of Indiana players who had so much fun this past season that they are willing to do it again.

On Wednesday, we learned that the number of Hoosiers planning on using their extra year of eligibility has grown to five. The latest includes kicker Jared Smolar.

Here is the running list of players using the extra year. As a reminder, the NCAA is granting all football players an extra year of eligibility due in part to the pandemic shortening the season.

Smolar has been involved in college football since 2016 when he started at Rutgers. After redshirting the 2017 season, he has spent the past three seasons in Bloomington with the Hoosiers. He was the kickoff specialist in 2019. He filled a similar role in 2020.

Besides having some kicking experience returning for an extra year, there are players returning who are looking to make a bigger impact. Defensive back Raheem Layne, defensive back Marcelino McCray-Ball and tight end Khameron Taylor return after not playing in 2020.