Trayce Jackson-Davis may have to start testing Indiana’s folding chairs before timeouts for the rest of the season. A bad experience during Saturday’s game against Ohio State may have the Hoosiers’ star standing when he’s in the huddle from now on.

During a timeout of Saturday’s B1G showdown between the Hoosiers and Buckeyes, Jackson-Davis went to sit down during a timeout — you know, the same way every player has for decades in college basketball. As soon as he hit the cushion, though, the chair collapsed and Jackson-Davis landed on his back.

Just a guess, but that chair probably won’t be making it to the sideline for the next game. Below is a video of the collapse, shared by Big Ten Network:

It was a slight distraction for Indiana during the timeout, but the team, and Jackson-Davis seemed to recover pretty quickly.

Sitting down is the last think a player wants to worry about during a game against a Top 5 opponent, but it’s probably going to be on Jackson-Davis’s mind the rest of the afternoon.