Kentucky football hasn’t been good for a really long time.

In 1977, the Wildcats had a winning record in the SEC. Those were the good days.

Fast forward to 2018, however, and Kentucky is ranked as the No. 12 team in the country and is coming off a win over Vanderbilt. The win on the surface may not look like much, but dive a bit deeper and you’ll find an interesting statistic.

With that win over the Commodores, Kentucky now has clinched a winning record in the SEC. This is the first time the Wildcats have done that since 1977. It took 41 years, but Kentucky can finally celebrate.

Who has the next longest drought of accomplishing a winning season within its own conference among the Power 5 schools?

Indiana, you’re up.

The Hoosiers haven’t had a winning record in the B1G since 1993. Kentucky’s was much worse, but that’s history now. Indiana, the spotlight is on you now.

In 2018, the Hoosiers haven’t done much to break the streak. Actually, at this point, it’s impossible to break it. Indiana is currently 1-5 in B1G play. The team only has 3 games remaining.

Well, there’s always next year.