Antonio Allen is reportedly in more trouble with the law.

Back in June 2015, Bloomington police found a .45-caliber Colt handgun, 47 grams of cocaine, 13 grams of heroin, $920 and three partially smoked narcotic-filled cigars in Allen’s off-campus apartment. That resulted in  an arrest and him getting kicked off the team at Indiana.

Allen got another chance to save his career at NAIA Marian University. But those days appear to be over, too.

According to WBIW, Allen was arrested for a separate incident in Indianapolis that occurred earlier this month. The former Ben Davis (IN) star was reportedly arrested and charged with three felonies on Dec. 2.

He’s facing charges for robbery by taking property by force or threatening the use of force while armed, criminal confinement while armed with a deadly weapon and burglary.

WBIW reported that the incident allegedly involved Allen threatening a man who was the cousin of a former girlfriend:

According to court records, Allen and another man, wearing masks, knocked on the victim’s door. When the victim opened the door, Allen and the other man forced their way in. One grabbed a knife from a table and held it to the victim’s throat.

Indianapolis police say the man told police his roommate’s cousin had been dating Allen and that a month ago, she stole a gun from Allen after she said he threatened her with the weapon.

Allen and the other man were were looking for that handgun. The victim told police even though the men wore stocking caps he recognized Allen.

The two could not find the gun, but took a television, some gaming systems, a wallet and two gecko lizards.

Allen then threatened the victim, saying they would kill him if he called the police.

The victim did report the incident and Allen was arrested. He paid a $50,000 bond over the weekend.

Before the incident occurred, Allen reportedly told Marian that he didn’t plan on returning to the school for the spring semester. Marian suspended him indefinitely after hearing about the arrest.

Allen was only allowed to attend Marian after a judge, which sentenced him to eight and 10-year sentences for dealing narcotics, suspended the sentences and gave him four years of home detention with the ability to take classes at the university.

In his one season at Marian, Allen finished fourth on the team in tackles.