Indiana athletic director Fred Glass would not answer the question everyone wanted an answer to. Well, at least not with specifics.

Why was Kevin Wilson fired?

He wouldn’t say that it was because of mistreatment of players, which was widely reported. Instead, he said that Wilson resigned because of “philosophical differences.” Glass refused to go into details about reports that players claimed Wilson mistreated player injuries, and that there wasn’t any NCAA violations.

And now, Indiana has its new guy. As expected, defensive coordinator Tom Allen is taking over. But Allen won’t just be an interim coach.

He’ll take over as the full-time coach, and he’s expected to sign a six-year contract, according to Glass. He said the deal would be competitive with other B1G salaries.

Speaking of contracts, because Wilson “resigned,” IU agree to pay him $542,000 base salary.

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With the Wilson era behind them, the Hoosiers will now turn to a guy who was coaching high school football 10 years ago, but to someone who has risen quickly. Allen did leave IU to a defensive revival in his first and only season in Bloomington.

The Hoosiers reached consecutive bowl berths for the first time in 25 years, thanks in large part to Allen’s defensive overhaul. Before he got to Indiana, Allen was the defensive coordinator at South Florida. He was a position coach at Arkansas State, Drake and Ole Miss.

He said that he planned to retain Indiana’s staff, which was all on the road recruiting. IU is also still planning on competing in a bowl game.

With Allen at the helm, IU will hope to stabilize its program, which was in turmoil on Thursday with the sudden announcement of Wilson’s departure.