A former Indiana football player claims he was mistreated by ex-head coach Kevin Wilson while he was a member of the team, according to a story in the Indianapolis Star.

Ex-Hoosier Coray Keel spoke with Indianapolis Star reporter Zach Osterman recently, explaining some of the things he went through while playing for Wilson in 2014. His comments don’t paint a pretty picture of the former head coach and current offensive coordinator at Ohio State.

Keel said that, while injured, he was berated by Wilson and other coaches, saying he was told he was a “waste of scholarship money” and that he should “pack up” and leave.

“Multiple times, he told me I should pack my (stuff) up and leave,” Keel told Osterman. “Multiple times he told me while I was in the middle of a route or working out or in training tables, he’d come up and just tell me I wasn’t (crap).”

Wilson officially resigned as Indiana’s head coach at the end of the 2016 season. Athletic director Fred Glass said there were “philosophical differences” that led to the decision for Wilson and the program to part ways. Since then, there have been a few accusations that Wilson mistreated players throughout his six years with the Hoosiers.

Keel eventually transferred to Fullerton College in California but decided to quit football after one season at the junior college level.

To read the full story on Keel and Indiana, you can visit the Indianapolis Star’s page here.