Anthony Leal knows NIL is a hot-button topic around the country, but he’s not worried about that. The third-year guard for Indiana revealed on social media that NIL funds allowed him to provide a huge gift for his sister this holiday season.

On Christmas, Leal shared a video of his gift to his sister: Paying off her student loan balance. In the video, Leal’s sister read the card aloud and acknowledged she was not even sure how much was left on her balance. Leal’s response was perfect.

“I don’t even know how much that is,” said his sister.

“I do. It’s zero now,” said Leal.

Here’s the full video, along with Leal’s remark that NIL funds made the moment possible:

Leal has appeared in 41 games (2 starts) since joining the Hoosiers in the 2020 recruiting class. While many people continue to harp on potential issues in the realm of NIL, Leal is another great example of athletes utilizing NIL funds for an awesome purpose.

Hats off to Leal for taking the opportunity to pull off such an awesome moment this Christmas!