When the 2019 AP preseason top 25 poll was released, Indiana’s unranked streak hit a massive number.

That number was 1,299. It marked the amount of consecutive weeks in which the Hoosiers have not appeared in the AP’s top 25. Now, on Tuesday, the AP came out with its Week 2 poll for the college football season. Did Indiana break its streak and make the list?

No, of course not.

Indiana has now remained unranked for 1,300 consecutive weeks. Again, 1,300 consecutive weeks.


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The last time the Hoosiers found themselves in the AP Poll was back on September 20, 1994. Indiana was ranked No. 25 in the country that day.

Indiana has finished below .500 every year since 2008. In 2007, the Hoosiers went 7-6. Prior to that, the last winning season was in 1994 — when they finished 6-5.

The year prior, in 1993, the team finished 8-4. That was the last time Indiana finished with twice as many wins as losses.

For 2019, Indiana is currently 1-0. Let’s see if the Hoosiers can make something of it and potentially break this insanely long streak.