Kevin Wilson technically resigned from his position as football coach. But as more details surrounding Wilson’s sudden departure emerge, the evidence surrounding his departure is becoming increasingly damming.

Multiple outlets reported about the “unhealthy environment” Wilson created for injured players at Indiana.

On Friday night, WTHR’s Bob Kravitz had an exclusive interview with former IU receiver Dominique Booth. In it, Booth was accompanied by two legal representatives, both of whom are helping him in his case against Indiana University.

Booth reportedly had a concussion before the start of the 2015 season. But during concussion protocol, the IU trainer reportedly increased his physical workload.

“He said, ‘I’m not getting myself cussed for you.’ You need to go to the tent,” Booth recalled to WTHR.

Booth then reportedly had symptoms that didn’t go away, which he attributed to be pushed back into physical activity that he couldn’t handle.

“I went home that night, I was throwing up. I texted the trainer and told him I was not feeling well, something was not right,” Booth said to WTHR. “Woke up the next morning, I couldn’t remember, I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t read. When I saw the light, I couldn’t open my eyes it was so bad.”

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Booth maintained that his problem wasn’t specifically with Wilson, rather the culture he created. Though when Booth wanted to transfer, he said that Wilson blocked all of his attempts. When Missouri contacted Wilson, he reportedly said that Booth suffered eight concussions, which wasn’t true.

Booth, a four-star recruit from Indianapolis, also said Wilson didn’t want him to transfer because he would “hurt his recruiting in Indianapolis.”

On top of WTHR’s report, the Indianapolis Star reported that the school conducted its first investigation into Wilson’s behavior on April 7, 2015. That was prompted after a player’s father reportedly told the university that Wilson rushed his son back from injury and made him lift weights. The father claimed Wilson ridiculed him for being “soft.”

That was the first investigation. The second reportedly took place last month. That, ultimately, was what led to Wilson’s sudden departure.

“Was my decision (Thursday) impacted by things that went on before, including this? … The answer is yes,” IU athletic director Fred Glass said to the Indianapolis Star.

The Indianapolis Star detailed the entire investigation, which went into depth about another case involving a former player, Nick Carovillano, who was rushed back too quickly from injury.

Indiana hasn’t released an official comment on the recent reports. Even though Wilson is gonna, it appears this story isn’t going anywhere.