Joshua Perry was a linebacker who played at Ohio State from 2012-15. He got drafted in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Since his playing days have passed, he joined BTN as a college football analyst. He watches the Big Ten as much as anybody. That’s his job.

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On Saturday, he saw Indiana — who is ranked in the AP top 25 but not the College Football Playoff top 25 — take on No. 8 Penn State. The Hoosiers lost 34-27 on the road.

To call any loss a good one is odd. But, losing at Penn state by a touchdown certainly isn’t terrible. Based on the way Indiana played, some believe the Hoosiers proved themselves as being worthy of a top 25 ranking.

Call Perry a believer:

Does it make sense to lose and then vault up into the rankings? Imagine a terrible team taking on a really good team and only losing by a touchdown. Would you think worse of the terrible team just because it lost?

Probably not. You’d probably think more of it for coming so close to pulling a ridiculous upset, right?

Do you agree with Perry’s logic?