Dan Dakich spent a good portion of his life around former Indiana head coach Bob Knight. He spent four years in Bloomington as a player and was an assistant on “The General’s” staff for over a decade. But the longtime basketball coach-turned-broadcaster doesn’t have the nicest things to say about his former coach and boss.

This week, Dakich appeared on the Dan Patrick Show ahead of the Final Four on Saturday. Patrick asked Dakich if he was concerned about Knight’s legacy at Indiana. Knight, of course, has refused to return to campus after his firing.

When asked that question, Dakich told Patrick that he didn’t care about Knight’s legacy.

“I don’t wanna sound harsh but I don’t like him,” Dakich said of Knight. “I don’t care. I don’t have a relationship, I don’t want a relationship. I don’t wanna be around him. I don’t wanna see him. I don’t care.”

Dakich explained that Knight was vindictive after he left Indiana to take a head coaching job at Bowling Green. Since then, Knight has distanced himself from Dakich, trying to tear down his longtime assistant.

“I was there 16 years with him, and when I left he was really nasty. He really said some bad things about me to high school coaches, and I called him on it,” Dakich said. “So I called him on it, and he apologized, but, what are you doing that for? And then when he got fired at Indiana it wasn’t his fault, it was all our fault.

“And then when I went to ESPN he said a lot of things behind the scenes to people that I didn’t really appreciate. He just hasn’t been a very loyal guy to me. And I feel like over 16 years I was a very loyal guy. Stupid loyal.”

When Knight retired from coaching, he earned his way back into a positive light as an ESPN personality and broadcaster. However, his avoidance of Indiana University has been a sore spot for Hoosier fans.

Knight also stirred up more controversy a few years ago when on the Dan Patrick Show, wishing death on the Indiana University administration that decided to fire him. Since that interview, Knight’s legacy has been in question.

Here’s the sound from Dakich’s interview with Patrick: