Ellie Mallory is the wife of late head coach Bill Mallory, the winningest coach in Indiana history. On Thursday, Ellie made a special appearance at fall camp.

Head coach Tom Allen introduced Mrs. Mallory and explained that she is about to be leaving Bloomington to move to Colorado.

“Ellie Mallory is Bill Mallory’s wife. Bill Mallory is the winningest coach in the history of Indiana football,” said Allen. “One of the finest men to ever coach this great game, that’s a fact.”

Mrs. Mallory went on to congratulate the team on choosing to come to Bloomington. She also explained how she used to teach the fight song while Bill Mallory was coaching and led this year’s Hoosiers in the fight song.

“I want to congratulate you guys for choosing Indiana university,” said Mrs. Mallory. “You made a wise decision. You don’t know this yet, but you will. Your teammates are going to be your friends for life…They are so close as adults.”

The late Mallory coached the Hoosiers from 1984-96, winning a program record 69 games during his tenure. He posted 6 winning seasons while at Indiana, including 6 bowl games and 2 bowl wins.