For the first time since 1987, Indiana is 4-0 in B1G play and are currently ranked in the top 10 nationally.

So what has changed in Bloomington?

Hoosiers head coach Tom Allen is loved by his players, and it’s producing positive results on the field. The familial atmosphere is creating cohesion, and resulting with Allen’s trust in his players, and his players trust in each other. This emphasis on love and trust in each other is leading to wins.

While it may sound cliche’, the implicit belief in each other is making a difference in the Hoosier locker room, and on the recruiting trail. L.O.E. (Love Each Other) is the motto following the Indiana program this season.

ESPN’s GameDay delved into Allen’s L.E.O. philosophy on Saturday’s program.

Will L.E.O. be enough to come away from Columbus with an upset victory over Ohio State on Saturday?

We will have to see.