There are plenty of people who are upset with how Indiana was treated when it comes to what bowl game the Hoosiers were headed to. One of the most upset, at least publicly, is former Indiana athletics director Fred Glass.

Glass’ reaction to the Hoosiers heading to the Outback Bowl as opposed to a New Year’s Six game wasn’t one of joy. It was filled with rage at the system and specifically, the Big Ten.

As Glass points out from the start, he’s no longer affiliated with the school. This is probably why he’s being so candid about this topic:

In case you’re unfamiliar with Glass, he was the AD in Bloomington starting back in 2008. He ended up hiring Allen to his current position after Kevin Wilson resigned from the position.

Glass announced his retirement back in 2019 but did not leave the position until earlier this year.

Despite no longer being in a position of power with the Hoosiers, Glass certainly still has some passion for the program and how they are treated unfairly. Those are some serious accusations about how the conference operates.

But it’s not surprising if you see how things have gone in the Big 10 this year. The conference bowed down to Ohio State and moved the season back to the fall and then changed the rules so the Buckeyes could play in the Big Ten Championship Game.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned this season it is there is a very small group of teams that are the haves. The rest are the have-nots.