No. 9 Indiana is hoping for a better chance at making the College Football Playoff.

The Hoosiers might get there anyways if they run the table, which would include a win over Ohio State on Saturday. But failing that, Indiana coach Tom Allen thinks this would be a great time to experiment with a larger field.

“I think it would make a ton of sense,” Allen said. “There’s so many things, there’s going to be so many inequities with everybody’s schedule, number of games played. How do you decided what matters and what number do you come up with when kids have no control? So, it’d be a perfect time to expand to that number. It doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen but it sure would make a lot of sense.”

Allen has a point. Teams in each of the Power 5 conferences could end up playing a different number of regular season games, from 10+ all the way down to less than six for some Pac-12 schools.

Indiana is 4-0 this season with wins over Michigan, Michigan State, Rutgers and Penn State.

The Hoosiers and Buckeyes kick off at 12 p.m. ET on Saturday.