Earlier Monday, it was confirmed that Indiana Hoosiers starting quarterback Michael Penix Jr. will be out for the rest of the season as he suffered a torn ACL.

It couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Hoosiers as they are 5-1 on the season and ranked in the top 15 in the College Football Playoff Rankings. Indiana may also be in line for a B1G Championship Game appearance should Ohio State fail to qualify.

After the news broke, Dr. Matt Provencher spoke to FOX College Football about the injury for Penix and his recovery moving forward:

“From the video, you can see a non-contact hyperextension injury, and we think that this is the prior knee that he injured in Nov. of 2019 that he has already an ACL injury and surgery on last year,” said Provencher.

While it is potentially a second injury to the same ACL, Provencher doesn’t believe it will greatly hinder Penix for long after rehabilitation. Penix showing he can successfully rehab from one injury likely bodes well for his outlook:

“When Michael Penix returns to the field, his productivity we think will be actually quite good, even though this is likely a revision ACL situation,” explained Provencher. “Might be down just a few percentage points the first few games back, but he’s such a strong player and we think he knows how to do this well, rehabilitate well, and will be back on the field very strongly.”

Provencher also compared the injury to the one that JT Daniels suffered in 2019 when he tore his ACL at USC. Daniels worked his way back and recently earned the starting job for the Georgia Bulldogs after transferring in the offseason.

You can see his full comments about the injury here: