The Indiana Hoosiers are off and running at fall camp, and head coach Tom Allen is excited for the amount of intensity created in the early goings.

In an interview with, Allen highlighted the offense and their ability to protect the ball. According to Allen, the solid work by the offense has helped put pressure on the defense and brought a lot of intensity to the practices:

“Our offense has done a great job protecting the football which makes it harder on our defense,” said Allen, “But I like that intensity it’s created.”

A good start to the offense is hopefully a good sign for 2018. The Hoosiers are trying to improve on a 5-7 record from 2017 while the offense will try to better the 26.8 points per game they scored last season.

On the defensive side of the ball, Allen highlighted LB Cam Jones and S Jamar Johnson as two freshmen that are standing out early in camp. The Hoosiers did have some solid defensive performances last season, but they still allowed 40 or more points in four games. Hopefully these two newcomers can find ways to contribute right away.

You can see all of Allen’s comments about the start of fall camp here.