They might play different sports, but Michael Penix Jr. did his best impersonation of Michael Jordan’s game-winning slam dunk…from the Space Jam film.

Trailing 35-34 to Penn State in overtime, Indiana decided to attempt a 2-point conversion after scoring a touchdown in OT with the game on the line. On the play, Penix raced to the sideline, stretched his arm toward the pylon and was able to just sneak the nose of the football inside the goal line to win the game.

It was one of the most thrilling college football finishes in recent memory, and then end of a 30-year losing streak to Top 10 opponents for the Hoosiers.

After the game, Big Ten Network brilliantly compared Penix’s stretch to Jordan’s game-winning dunk from Space Jam. Below is the video:

That play will go down in Indiana history — not just because of the incredible comparison, but because of the historic result.

Saturday’s win for IU marked just the second time it had defeated Penn State in history in 24 tries, with the previous victory coming in 2013. Indiana had not defeated a Top 10 team since 1987.

So, now the Hoosiers have a second win over Penn State, a Top 10 victory under their belts and a Space Jam comparison. It’s great to be IU this week.