There is a buzz that’s growing exponentially in Bloomington surrounding the Indiana football program. Hoosier head coach Tom Allen sees that.

Allen has been the architect of the growth in this Indiana program. The Hoosiers seem to be hitting their peak as they enter the top 10 of the AP poll and appear to be the biggest threat to Ohio State in the Big Ten East.

But while some might believe that Indiana is just playing second fiddle to the Buckeyes in 2020, the Hoosiers don’t believe that, specifically Allen.

The talk surrounding Indiana continues to grow at the national level. Look no further than Allen speaking to ESPN on Friday. He had some strong words about his team’s chances and the investment the administration has made in the football program.

“I believe we can win the Big Ten here,” Allen said. “I thought that we had the support administratively when I got here, and that was a big reason I even came.

“That hasn’t always been the case in Indiana…Football has always been kind of on the lower rungs behind some other things.

“I get it, basketball is a big deal in this state. I’m born and raised in Indiana, I understand it and I love basketball. I want us to win a national championship in basketball. But I think we can give you both.”

Allen seems to have garnered the support of both the fan base and administration. His strong words will be put to the test in two weeks when Indiana travels to Columbus to take on Ohio State.