Disappointment has been spread across the B1G over the last two weeks. Ever since the conference made the decision to postpone the college football season this fall, players, coaches and parents have shared those emotions.

Not only is there disappointment in the ability to not play games this fall, there’s also some concern about what it could mean for the conference moving forward. Primarily, could the B1G be hurt in recruiting in the years to come by the decision, should the six conferences left standing successfully complete a season.

Indiana head coach Tom Allen says that is one issue he’s worried about right now.

“That’s a big concern,” Allen said on Thursday, according to Jon Blau of The Herald Times. “It’s going to be hard to watch games on a weekend when you can’t play yourself. … Not necessarily looking forward to it.”

Allen also discussed the possibility of playing a spring season this year. And while several coaches appear to be on board with that option, the IU leader does have his concerns with that, as well.

“I do not want us to negatively impact the 2021 season,” Allen said. “The later it goes, the less I feel good about it.”

In other words, Allen would rather have a limited spring season in order to preserve the opportunity to play a complete schedule in fall 2021.

Right now, the B1G is working on a potential spring or winter model for the football season. At this time, no specifics have been released.