Indiana head coach Tom Allen introduced Chad Wilt as the new defensive coordinator on Sunday, but Allen will call the Hoosiers’ defensive plays.

“So he will be our defensive coordinator,” Allen said of Wilt during a Sunday press conference. “But I will be calling the defense. It’s something that we’re going to be doing a little bit different. But he and I have talked that through. And he’ll be organizing our staff and all the things that we do. Just the things I’ve learned the last few years will be able to help us to be able to function that way at a high level. And I’m excited about it. And I’m excited to be working with him as he leads our linebacker room and leads our entire defense. So he’s going to do a tremendous job.”

The first question for Allen in Sunday’s press conference was to explain the defensive play-calling decision.

“So something I’ve been thinking about for a little bit and just as these things transpire, just felt like it’s what — it was time,” Allen told reporters. “And I’m excited about it. There’s just a certain, you know, product I want on the field for that side of the football. And the system hasn’t changed.

“But I just feel like that having the last three years to be able to be in the role as head coach only, I’ve been able to grow tremendously, and I feel really good.”

Allen continued, further explaining the defensive coordinator and defensive play-caller responsibilities.

“So my goal was to be able to find a person that could be my right-hand man in the meetings,” Allen said, “because what I’ve found the biggest issue is when you’re — whether it’s scheming during the week or you’re working on things and things happen, you get pulled out of a meeting, to be able to continue to flow. And that’s what I want to get with Chad.

“And to be able to have him be that person that’s going to be the go-to guy for organizational purposes and even during the game. You know, to me it was to be able to have the adjustments, to have his expertise, to be able to grow him through our system and to be able to do what I need to do on game day when the offense is on the field and defense is back there making adjustments. Obviously, still have the headset to communicate, but he’ll be in charge of those. And to be able to handle that.”

Allen arrived at Indiana in 2016 as defensive coordinator on Kevin Wilson’s staff. He continued calling the defense in 2017 and ’18 as the Hoosiers’ head coach. Former defensive coordinators Kane Womack and Charlton Warren called defensive plays the last 3 seasons.