Indiana is enjoying the Florida weather, and who wouldn’t on New Year’s Eve?

On Thursday, the Hoosiers hit the practice field in Florida to keep preparation rolling for Saturday’s Outback Bowl in Tampa. Needless to say, the players were feeling good, and for good reason.

The forecast for Tampa had a high of 83 degrees and plenty of sunshine to go around. Check it out:

If the players checked the forecast back in Bloomington, they would have been even more thankful for the bright rays in the Sunshine State. The Thursday forecast back in Bloomington, Indiana called for temperatures in the 30’s and a chance for freezing rain throughout the evening. Friday’s forecast is for a high of 52 and rain.

Hopefully Indiana makes the most of the good weather and these bowl practices and can put up a strong showing against Ole Miss. Outback Bowl kickoff is set for Saturday at 12:30 pm EST on ABC.