Indiana is No. 10 in the nation, locking in its first AP Poll Top 10 appearance for the first time in over five decades following an impressive win on Saturday over a ranked Michigan.

The Hoosiers proved a point that they are for real. Even if it took a long time to get there.

The last time Indiana was in the top 10 in the polls was Sept. 22, 1969. Back then, Richard Nixon was President of the United States, Ohio State had won the Rose Bowl in January for the national championship, the New York Jets were the defending Super Bowl champions and Sugar, Sugar by The Archies was No. 1 on the Billboard charts.

Now, there is a contested election, Ohio State is admittedly still one of the best teams in the nation but the Jets are 0-8 and the country’s top song is Positions by Ariana Grande.

And yet here is Indiana football at 3-0, riding high for their second win of the season over a ranked opponent.

“So, I think you are just seeing that in this team and we believe that we had to prove it. We believe we are a better football team,” head coach Tom Allen said after the game. “I do not care if anybody else agrees with me or not. And that is not the point. But this team believed and they went out proved it today and how we played.”

Indiana plays 1-2 Michigan State on Saturday and then, on Nov. 21 they will play at Ohio State in a game that might well decide what team out of the East Division goes to the Big Ten Championship Game.