On Saturday, Indiana will honor the U.S. military in its annual military appreciation day. Part of that appreciation will come in the form of some new uniforms.

The team unveiled these camouflage uniforms on Thursday at practice. The jersey is just one facet of the Hoosier look on Saturday that will honor the troops.

This is one of the more elaborate tributes to the military in a football uniform. Usually it’s a patch or a name. But to make the dominant color of the uniform this color is particularly unique.

The stars on the right arm signify the number of battles fought by the troops on the USS Indiana Prow, Allen says in the video below. This boat was used in World War II and is displayed in front of Memorial Stadium in Bloomington.

Along with the jerseys, the white stripes on the Hoosiers’ helmet will feature soldiers from Indiana who fought in World War II. The logo on the helmet is the IU logo used during World War II when the Hoosiers were playing. As head coach Tom Allen says, “it all has a purpose.”

Indiana and Michigan kick off at 12 p.m. ET on Saturday.