Indiana University has made some updates to its academic calendar for the 2020-21 school year. The university is one of many post-secondary institutions that has adjusted dates, breaks and schedules due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Stefan Krajisnik of the Indianapolis Star tweeted out the newly released schedule changes for the upcoming academic year. Indiana does plan to re-open the campus and is preparing to host student for in-person classes.

Perhaps the most notable changes to the academic calendar include the cancellation of fall break and spring break. Below is a look at Indiana University’s current plan:

Fall 2020

  • Aug. 24 – Dec. 20
  • Classes will be either 16 weeks or 8 weeks
  • Aug. 24 – Nov. 20: Classes may be in-person or online
  • Nov. 30 – Dec. 20: Classes must be online only

Spring 2021

  • Jan. 19 – May 9
  • Classes will be either 16 weeks or 8 weeks
  • Jan. 19 – Feb. 7: classes must meet online only
  • Feb. 8 – May 9: Classes may meet in-person or online

Indiana University will continue to observe a Thanksgiving Break (Nov. 22 – Nov. 29) and a winter break (Dec. 27 – Jan. 3).