Whop Philyor is an amazing wide receiver, but his teammates may not appreciate his hype up tactics.

Coming off of the clutch upset win over Penn State, Indiana traveled to take on Rutgers in Week 2. Considering the emotional nature of the big win and the fact that Indiana was favored by double digits against the Scarlet Knights, a letdown is sometimes to be expected.

In fact, the Hoosiers had a slow start and faced an early seven-point deficit on Saturday. Fortunately, they quickly woke up and rattled off 20-unanswered points for the halftime lead.

One player who was not lacking for energy or suffering any letdown in Week 2 is Philyor. He brought the juice and he made sure to get his teammates amped up and ready to roll. However, it’s worth wondering if his teammates appreciate how Philyor tries to get the team pumped up.

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