Indiana had a 34-24 victory to open the season against Ball State and people began to nitpick at the Hoosiers.

Why was it only a 10-point game? Should Peyton Ramsey be the quarterback? What’s wrong with the Hoosiers?

Well, Week 2 showed that Indiana is doing OK. The Hoosiers shutout Eastern Illinois 52-0, and yes, it was Eastern Illinois. But certain powerhouses this season haven’t necessarily dominated opponents they should have, either. Indiana did what Indiana probably should have done to Eastern Illinois.

There is no need to scoff at that.

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In fact, an interesting statistic came way via the shutout:

It was the team’s largest shutout since crushing Nebraska 54-0 back in 1944. That is certainly a long time and it’s a statistic that no Husker fan would want to look at.

Good job in Week 2, Hoosiers. For Week 3, Indiana will be hosting Ohio State with the game being televised on FOX. Maybe then we’ll get to see exactly how the Hoosiers stack up.