Four of the highest earners in Indiana’s athletic department will be donating a portion of their salaries back to the department. According to the Indianapolis Star’s Zach Osterman, those individuals are football coach Tom Allen, men’s basketball coach Archie Miller, outgoing athletic director Fred Glass and incoming athletic director Scott Dolson.

Per the report, all four will be donating 10 percent of their salary back to the athletic department, in an attempt to assist with the loss in revenue. Indiana is one of many athletic departments that has seen a sizable decrease in revenue due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Based on the salaries of each coach and athletic director, those donations will result in over $300,000 being returned to the athletic department.

Indiana announced that it anticipates seeing a nearly $12 million reduction in revenue this fiscal year. While that number is obviously significant, IU believes it can introduce cost-cutting measures without having to eliminate staff or sports programs within the department.

The athletic department introduced ways it plans to cut cost for the upcoming year, which includes freezing salary increases and bonuses; hiring freeze other than for countable coaches; banning unnecessary departmental travel; limiting overtime; freeze on all non-essential facility maintenance and construction; and eliminating the cellphone stipend.