There is plenty to celebrate in Bloomington right now as Indiana is making history by the day with its 3-0 start to the 2020 season.

That is all exciting, but Hoosier head coach Tom Allen is looking nowhere but forward to the team’s next game on Saturday against Michigan State.

Not only is this a chance for Indiana to continue its hot start to the season, it’s a chance to win a rivalry game that the Hoosiers have struggled in. These two teams play for the Old Brass Spittoon. The teams’ games date back to 1922 but started playing for the trophy in 1950.

For Allen, this seems like a personal mission. Indiana has not beaten the Spartans since Allen took over as head coach. The last time the Hoosiers held the Old Brass Spittoon was 2016.

The game is a hard one to analyze. Yes, Indiana has been quite good through three games. Michigan State, however, appears to be a mystery. The Spartans were border-line disastrous against Rutgers in Week 1 and Iowa in Week 3.

But something was different in Week 2 as Michigan State went into the Big House and defeated Michigan. Allen certainly isn’t taking Sparty lightly.

While there is still no idea which Michigan State club will show up, it seems likely we’ll see an Indiana squad that has impressed so far in 2020.