Kevin Wright is heading into his 3rd season as the TE coach at Indiana. He spoke about a freshman that has caught his eye.

Brody Foley is a player that Wright believes can have an instant impact. Foley is listed at 6-foot-6, 246 pounds on Indiana’s roster. He was a 3-star TE in high school per the 247Sports Composite, and chose the Hoosiers over Tennessee, Arkansas, Auburn, and Bowling Green.

Wright believes that the next part of Foley’s development is going to come down to learning the details per Tyler Tachman of Indy Star.

“I think he has the potential to contribute right away,” said Wright. “We mention James Bomba, we mention Aaron Steinfeldt, A.J. Barner, but Brody’s big thing is I have to learn the details. I have to be a great technician. I can’t overwhelm people with my size and strength, which is what he’s tried to do a little bit.”

Foley’s role with Indiana could be a special one right out of the gate.