If you’ve watched Indiana this year, you’ve probably wondered something.

Why does IU’s quarterback wear No. 21?

That’s the case for Richard Lagow, who is in his first year as the Hoosiers’ starter after transferring from Cisco Community College (TX). Many wondered why Lagow doesn’t have a number 1-19 like other quarterbacks.

Well, there’s a method to his madness:

Lagow actually wore No. 21 as a quarterback at Plano High School, too. IU obviously didn’t put any restrictions on him going outside the box for his number choice.

Zach Osterman, who covers IU for the Indy Star, will likely have more in-depth on this story later. But at the very least, now you know that Lagow isn’t bucking quarterback norms for nothing.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter what number he wears if he keeps leading the B1G in passing.