Whoever said that the GoPro was just a toy for extreme sport enthusiasts was dead wrong.

Cody Latimer did not use the camera for its intended use. But it was effective.

According to the Denver Post, the former Indiana receiver reportedly told police that he wore a GoPro camera while his girlfriend assaulted him, which led to her arrest. Latimer’s girlfriend, Jaimee Rondo, allegedly slapped him in the face because of “jealously issues.” She was arrested on suspicion of simple assault.

According to the Post, Latimer did not want to pursue criminal charges against his girlfriend. Latimer, 23, and Rondo, 25, have been dating for a few months and they have a child together.

Latimer was taken into custody on an unrelated warrant for failing to appear in court on a traffic violation, and he was booked in the Arapahoe County Jail. The police report said that Latimer claimed that someone from the Denver Broncos was supposed to take care of his ticket.

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It remains to be seen if the third-year wideout will face any sort of punishment from the Broncos.

“I reached out to the team on Monday to let them know of a personal issue that I dealt with over the weekend,” Latimer said in a statement released Tuesday on Twitter, which was later deleted. “I believe I handled it the right way, but I had no idea of the unrelated unpaid traffic ticket. That’s completely on me, and I took care of that today. … Back to football.”

Latimer was a part of the Super Bowl-winning Broncos. In two seasons in the NFL, the former second-round pick has eight catches for 82 yards and one career touchdown.