I’ve been told it’s sacrilegious to be a fan of Indiana University Athletics and not own a pair of candy stripe pants. They’re one of the most popular clothing items in Bloomington.

The candy stripe look started on the hardwood of Assembly Hall but has been adopted at Memorial Stadium. The Hoosiers have implemented the look into an alternate helmet, as well as on some newer jerseys.

Head coach Tom Allen is all in on the candy stripes. And while most people by the button-down basketball warm-up pants, the head football coach is going a different direction. He owns some candy stripe shorts.

Why wouldn’t he show them off at practice?

Let’s all be honest, who wouldn’t love to see Allen wear those beauties during an actual game? That would be an excellent show of school pride and would probably get a strong approval rating from the crowd.

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Maybe it’s not the most professional look, but it’s college football. It’s supposed to be fun. Why not break out the candy stripe look for a home game this year?

It likely won’t happen, but we can hope.