Indiana is stepping up its game in the scholarship offer department. It’s adding a little Hollywood flavor to the videos it’s sending to recruits.

On Friday night, Australian punter James Evans shared the scholarship offer message he received from Indiana University. Right in the middle of the video, Hollywood movie star Mark Wahlberg makes an appearance. It was an interesting choice for the Hoosiers, as Wahlberg doesn’t necessarily have many ties to the school or football program.

Below is the video Evans shared on Twitter:

Schools must wait until Aug. 1 to send out the scholarship offers to recruits. As Evans lives in Australia, he was one of the first to receive his offer because of the time difference.

Most football programs stick to sharing scholarship offer graphics. So, not only is IU upping the ante with a video offer, it’s involving movie stars. It’s an outside-the-box idea, and it will be interesting to see if others follow.