Indiana celebrated Saturday night’s victory against No. 17 Michigan State like it won the B1G Championship.

It was a rare win for the Hoosiers. It marked their first victory vs. a ranked team at home in 10 years. The Old Brass Spittoon finally returned to Bloomington.

Apparently that was enough to get Indiana’s highest-ranking official jacked up. How excited was IU President Michael McRobbie?

It reportedly happened in the locker room. Indiana defensive coordinator Tom Allen swore he saw it happen.

McRobbie is a bald, 65-year-old man with a thick Australian accent. He speaks eloquently and is known for being as composed as they come. The sight of watching him partake in the spitting tradition wasn’t something you forget.

Who could blame McRobbie? That was the first time that the Hoosiers won the trophy since he began his time as IU president in 2007.

If only someone had video of this.