Mike Woodson didn’t stoke the flames after Indiana’s upset loss at Northwestern on Wednesday, as the Indiana coach took responsibility for a pair of first-half technical fouls.

“I’m not gonna comment on that … I told my team I take the hit for that,” he said.

As for the foul in the final sequence, Woodson commented, “Well, the officials didn’t call it, but at the end of the day, Boo (Buie) made a hell of a shot. Got to give him credit. They got us down 19, you can’t spot a team at home 19 and expect to win all the time.”

Woodson figured IU was too hyped leading into the game, and that caused a “rocky start.”

It was Buie’s hard drive and pull-up hook shot that propelled Northwestern over another ranked opponent after the Wildcats recently knocked off Purdue. This time, Buie scored with 2 seconds remaining and the Wildcats beat No. 14 Indiana 64-62 on Wednesday night.