Mike Woodson and the Indiana Hoosiers are dealing with an injury to Xavier Johnson. Johnson was injured in the first half against Kansas and was unable to return during the lopsided loss.

Anyone hoping for a quick return by Johnson is likely going to be disappointed, and Woodson’s Monday comments on the injury are not encouraging.

The head coach said the team is still evaluating Johnson’s injury but he knows the point guard will not be available Wednesday against Elon. Woodson also said the Hoosiers will know more about the injury on Wednesday.

That alone is not a great sign, but Woodson did not stop there. He went on to say Indiana will “wait on X if he ever gets the chance to come back” but also cited a need for the team “to move forward with what we got.”

Those comments are far from a commital for anything, but it sure sounds like Woodson is not planning on Johnson being available any time soon. We’ll see what Indiana learns about the injury and Johnson’s long-term status on Wednesday.