Mike Woodson is working on getting two players to become leaders on and off the court.

During Friday morning’s zoom presser, Woodson mentioned he hopes to see redshirt senior forward Miller Kopp and redshirt senior guard Xavier Johnson become assets for the Hoosiers.

Kopp has been with the Hoosiers’ squad since last season. Kopp transferred to Indiana from another B1G school, Northwestern after three seasons with the Wildcats. For the Hoosiers in his first season with them, Kopp averaged 86.5% on free throws and 6.0 points a game.

Johnson, a 3rd year transfer from Pitt, saw action last season for the Hoosiers on the floor. The 6-foot-3 guard last season brought in an average of 12.1 points a game and 40.6% on field goal percentage.

Expectations are certainly high for Kopp and for Johnson to bring more action to the team leaders, since they are both entering their respective redshirt senior seasons.