Indiana’s Wednesday night contest at Rutgers was widely viewed as an NCAA Tournament play-in game. As ESPN’s Joe Lunardi put it, “It’s pretty simple…the winner stays in the projected field and the loser gives up its spot…” In heartbreaking fashion, Indiana left that game the loser.

The last question of Mike Woodson’s postgame press conference was about his team’s March Madness hopes. Woodson sees an opportunity for Indiana to get back in the mix by closing out the regular season with a win over a rival.

“Where do you think this puts you now heading into the last week of the season?” Woodson was asked.

“Don’t know,” the head coach answered. “Again, Purdue is next. If we go down to Purdue and win a big game there, it puts us back in the mix. Again, this is my first go around. I have no idea the selection and all that. We’re going to have to win some games probably in the tournament as well, but it’s not over. We’ve got to keep fighting.”

More from Woodson’s presser can be viewed in the video embedded below from Indiana University Athletics: