Mike Woodson on Thursday confirmed Bob Knight’s regular visits to Indiana’s practices, and Woodson shared what it’s like to have the IU legend back in the fold.

“He comes to practice once a week, and it’s a beautiful thing, and it’s been that way for the last month and a half,” Woodson said. “He pays me a visit and sits at courtside. It’s just nice to see him sitting there where he belongs.”

Woodson was also asked about Thursday being the anniversary of Knight’s well-known chair-throwing incident at Assembly Hall.

“That chair throwing was something I saw from afar,” he said. “As coaches we’re crazy, man. We do a lot of crazy shit on the practice floor and during the game, and a lot of it is — sometimes it’s not warranted and sometimes it is based on the officiating and things that go on during the course of a ball game. For the mast part I’ve tried to keep my composure, but sometimes it’s just hard (laughing). It really is. So I understand Coach Knight’s frustrations that day (laughing).”