Everybody knows about Justin Fields, and the Ohio State quarterback is a returning Heisman Trophy candidate and is behind center in one of the best teams in the country.

But last Saturday, Indiana quarterback Michael Penix, Jr. put on a show in front of a nationwide audience that expected the Buckeyes to roll over the Cinderella Hoosiers.

Penix’s playmaking ability and poise has made a mark on the NFL draft discussions, and he’s made a name for himself among the scouts.

“The playmaking ability, touch and poise Penix has displayed this season (and for 95 percent of the OSU game) have been uncanny, and he’s starting to make a name for himself in the scouting community,” Yahoo! draft expert Eric Edholm wrote this week. “Down 35-7, Penix willed his team back into the game with some daring and breathtaking moments to give the Hoosiers a shot to win or send the game to overtime.

“Penix’s draft plans are unclear, but he’s a name people will be discussing in Round 1 if he sticks around college next season. And if the redshirt sophomore throws his hat into the 2021 ring, he’d be a fascinating study worth strongly considering on Day 2.”

With Indiana down 35-7, Penix led the Hoosiers back into the game with some daring moves to give the 20-plus point underdogs a shot to win, or at least send the game to overtime.

With regard to the draft, Penix is just a redshirt sophomore and could remain at Indiana for multiple years. He also did have some issues against the Buckeyes, having 24 incompletions and an interception that was returned for a touchdown.

Whether Penix is planning to throw his hat in the 2021 Draft ring remains to be seen, but he will definitely be interested to watch either way.