The man styling himself, “America’s own College Football Insider” on his Twitter bio has made a bold proclamation following Week 1 of the Big Ten season. 

Following the Indiana Hoosiers potential break through victory over Penn State on Saturday—sealed by an improperly called two-point conversion in the second overtime (the ball was out of bounds)— Brett McMurphy has declared his belief in the revival show known as Indiana Football.

The long-time scribe and AP voter has put the Hoosiers at number ten in his weekly poll, a height essentially unknown to Indiana football in its 133-year history. But the Hoosiers have been a dark horse pick in quarters across the country as the program enters its third season under head coach Tom Allen with a solid, experienced roster and the apparent will to win. 

How long will this last? No one knows. But, for at least one Saturday afternoon, Indiana gets to ask Penn State: Hoosier Daddy?