Social media is buzzing yet again as it always does for targeting incidents in college football.

Today’s circus involved Indiana linebacker Micah McFadden as he was ejected from their game against Cincinnati after his helmet collided with Desmond Ridder’s during a passing play.

McFadden was rushing Ridder and was hitting him while trying to make a sack when the 2 helmets collided. Here is the play:

Obviously, most of the Indiana fans are going to side with McFadden as they believe he was being pushed into Ridder (which does look to be happening in this replay).

McFadden was ultimately tossed from the game and he’ll also have to sit for the first half of next week’s game for the Hoosiers against Western Kentucky. He was having an outstanding game before that play as well as he notched a fumble recovery which led to Indiana’s 2nd touchdown.

The 2nd half is currently being televised by ESPN.