It’s already a historic start for Indiana. The Hoosiers are 2-0 in Big Ten for the first time since 1991.

Indiana coach Tom Allen knows that and wanted to congratulate his football team after Saturday’s win over Rutgers. He delivered that message via a postgame speech that was wonderful in so many ways.

The funnies moment has to be this quote: “I’ve come up here three times, and three times I’ve left with a massive headache.” Of course, he’s referring to playing in Piscataway against the Scarlet Knights. At least he’s being honest.

You can tell that Allen really loves his guys and they have mutual respect for him. But Allen isn’t just all love. He tells his guys how it is in that video. There were mistakes that kept Rutgers in that game.

To wrap up his speech, Allen mentions that the sky is the limit for his team. And he’s correct. They can control their own destiny by winning against East foes Michigan and Ohio State. That limit will be tested on Saturday when the Hoosiers take on the Wolverines.