The 36-35 Indiana victory over 8th ranked Penn State last Saturday was the talk of the Big Ten this weekend, and it was in Bloomington as well, according to Hoosier coach Tom Allen.

“I think it’s huge,” Allen said in an interview with ESPN’s Matt Barrie. “We’ve talked about as a program being able to take that next step and what that looks like, it’s about beating teams like Penn State, Ohio State and MIchigan that we haven’t been able to do very often.”

Last season, Tom Allen led the Hoosiers to an 8-5 record, but it included four losses against top-25 teams. And all those teams were Big Ten East foes Michigan State, Penn State, Michigan and Ohio State. The Hoosiers took the field in Happy Valley with a 1-22 record against the Nittany Lions.

While just one win, this one can have a major impact on the future of Hoosier program.

“Bottom line is, when those things finally happen your players have a chance to live that out experience it and prove it on the field it makes a big difference in their mind, makes a big difference in recruiting, and makes a big difference in our program,” said Allen.

“When I took this job one of my goals was to win the Big Ten and not everybody understood that or agreed with that, or felt it was a reality. But before there’s a reality, there’s a mentality. I want to change the mindset about this place, because your mindset drives your expectations and your beliefs, said Allen. And that’s my expectations and that’s what I believe.”