Indiana has a new offensive coordinator, Walt Bell, for the 2022 season. Bell is known for having a high-tempo offense. Hoosiers head coach Tom Allen says the key to mastering that high-tempo offense will be having a deep rotation.

“Yeah, I just think you got to play a lot of guys,” Allen told reporters Tuesday when asked about the transition. “For me, yeah, we’ve always had — tempo has always been a part of us here, so it is different times and different things with all that.

“So I would just say that the key is I believe you got to get a lot of guys involved. That’s going to be just a philosophy of playing lots of players on both sides of the football for multiple reasons. So you can obviously be able to keep guys fresher for end of the game, keep guys fresh for the end of the season. I also think there is just an ability to alter how you do things as an offense in regards to all those things. So to me it’s about us as an offense figuring out what we can do really well and maximizing that and being able to minimize the things that can hurt us.”

As to how deep that rotation of will be, Allen’s squad should get it sorted out over the next few weeks of camp before facing Illinois on Sept. 2.

Bell was head coach at UMass for 3 seasons before taking the Indiana offensive coordinator position. He has OC experience at Arkansas State (2014-15), Maryland (2016-17) and Florida State (2018).