Indiana might be on the sidelines this weekend due to its game against Purdue being canceled. But that doesn’t mean the Hoosiers didn’t get some love on FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff.

Indiana coach Tom Allen, who recently brought home the conference’s coach of the year award, made the trip from Bloomington to Indianapolis to talk with the FOX crew about his 2020, which was a lot better than most people’s.

The conversation started with Allen talking about his team’s win in Week 1 against Penn State. It proved to be one of the more memorable and controversial moments of the 2020 B1G season: Michael Penix Jr.’s tremendous reach for the two-point conversion in overtime to give Indiana a big-time win.

Next, they moved onto Indiana’s close battle with Ohio State and how Northwestern could be the team that beats the Buckeyes. Allen’s first piece of advice for the Wildcats: “Don’t fall behind by 28 points.”

Then came the question that was inevitable: What was it like hearing the B1G changed its rules so Ohio State could qualify for the conference championship game? Allen was classy in his response, saying his team had its chance to beat the Buckeyes and didn’t.

Finally, Allen’s viral celebrations were a topic of discussion. He admitted all of the antics are not premeditated.

It was a fun interview overall while Allen and his team continue to be one of the fun stories in this conference.