The Indiana Football team currently sits in second place in the B1G East Division behind Ohio State.

And to add to the intrigue, in today’s uncertain world of games being canceled and teams having football activities put on pause, if the Buckeyes have one more came canceled they would not qualify for the Big Ten Championship game, with their completed game tally dropping below the required six.

Indiana has reached the six game threshold.

Championships are exactly what Hoosiers head coach Tom Allen had expected when he signed on in Bloomington. He shared some of his philosophy on Basketball and Beyond w/Coach K on SiriusXM when he joined Duke Basketball’s Coach Mike Krzyzewski to talk about it.

“I’ve come from and been raised in a basketball environment,” said Allen. “I wanted to come here and build a football program and I really believe you can do both. I think we can be great in basketball and be great in football.

“It’s about expectations and beliefs and when I got here we had to change the mindset – I believe we can do it here.”

But the Hoosiers will need to move ahead with Utah transfer Jack Tuttle behind center. Tuttle replaced Michael Penix, Jr. against Maryland after Penix left the game with a season-ending ACL injury.

Penix finished his season with 1,645 passing yards and 14 touchdowns with four interceptions. He also rushed for two touchdowns. He was coming off a career-high 491 yards and five touchdowns in Indiana’s 42-35 loss to No. 4 Ohio State. Injuries have cut short all three of Penix’s seasons at Indiana, as he suffered a clavicle injury last November that required surgery.

Indiana will head to Wisconsin for a scheduled 2:30PM kickoff on Saturday, Dec. 5.