Big changes are coming to the Big Ten. The 2023 football season will be the B1G’s last season with Big Ten East and Big Ten West divisions.

Indiana coach Tom Allen was asked for his thoughts and the new approach to scheduling for the conference’s expansion to 16 teams with UCLA and USC joining in 2024.

“Bottom line is new opportunities, great time to be in this conference,” Allen said at Big Ten Media Days. “You’re going to be seeing equitable schedules where teams are going to be playing teams more equally across the conference, which I think is a great thing. That excites me as well. And playing some different teams on a more consistent basis.

“You look at it, though, there’s a lot of great football teams in this conference. Everybody’s schedule going to be tough, and I’m excited for the future of the Big Ten Conference.”

Allen’s praise of equitable scheduling is almost certainly shared by the Hoosier fanbase. The B1G East has been one of college football’s strongest divisions in recent years, led by Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan State.

In 2024, IU won’t be playing Ohio State or Michigan under the new schedule.

This year, though, Indiana opens its season against Ohio State.