Tom Allen knows a lot is at stake for Indiana during 2022. With that in mind, he’s focused on setting the tone for the program entering into fall camp.

After winning 14 games across 2019 and the shortened 2020 season, the Hoosiers regressed to a disappointing 2-10 record in 2021. And with sights set on a rebound in 2022, the head coach of the Hoosiers knows there is a need for urgency throughout camp.

“Player(-led) practices over the summer are good, but they’re also — we’re not there, and so I promise you it’s not the same,” Allen said according to Jared Kelly with “Especially with regards to urgency in between the reps, the transition from one thing to the next, and how you walk through.

“And to me, I just want to set the tone for everything we do [in fall camp]. The tempo, the hustle, the execution, the attention to deal —¬†yes, it’s heightened for sure, and it’s gonna be the same way tomorrow until we get it and just totally engrained.”

How long it takes this group of Hoosiers to find that level of intensity and consistency will be something to monitor throughout fall camp.